Backlinks view get's stuck (Mac)

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10936). Mac.


Backlinks get’s stuck on showing backlinks for the first note you show it for even after you navigate to other notes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open fresh copy of Bear (i.e. quit it if already running)
  2. Select a note if not already selected (easiest to demonstrate if you know what backlinks a note has).
  3. Open the info panel and select backlinks
  4. Change note and check the backlinks panel again and notice how it never changes.

From what I can tell this problem stays for the duration of running the Bear app and the only way to clear it is to re-start Bear.

Same issue here. Also Mac 10936.

I also have this issue (Mac 10936)

Same issue (Mac 10936)

Good Morning and thanks for reporting this. A fix for this glitch will be available with the next update.


Same issue (Mac 10936) - glad a fix is coming

Thank goodness the backlinks ARE working on iPadOS.

Previously reported with no response here:

Are you saying you still have this issue with the last build?

I posted that before you released build 10984. At first glance, this backlinks tab display/disconnect issue seems fixed in this build.

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