[macOS] Info popover/backlinks tab not showing notes with linked mentions

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10934) and the previous build

What were you doing: checking backlinks

What feature did you use: backlinks tab in info popover

What happened: all notes show the same backlinked note

What did you expect to happen: notes show other notes with linked mentions

This was happening last night, so the previous build had this issue. Notes show the same backlinked note (or nothing) even if the note is deleted and emptied from the trash. This particular issue is not present in iOS.

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Same issue in Version 2.0 (10936)

I am experiencing something similar on the last pre-TestFlight build. Do you also have just one and only backlink?

It depends on which note you select after opening Bear. The backlinks to the first note you select will “stick” in the tab no matter what note you select thereafter.

Ah ok, then I have another issues on my older version