View backlinks in a dedicated sidebar

The title says it all. a way to have the backlinks (or frankly anything in the info menu) shown in a persistent menu on the right would be fantastic. It is very useful to be able to glance at backlinks for the sake of unearthing connections.

That will become possible in the future. Check out this thread, where the dev team shared that new implementation.

In the meanwhile, at least on macOS, one could drag the pop-up, and it will become a floating window that stays as a separate window. And as you switch from one note to another, the window will show corresponding information related to the active note. Not exactly what you and a lot of us want, but it’s still useful!

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Thanks a lot for the information!

Are you using Bear on iPadOS? Other iPadOS users have also asked for this feature since they can’t float the info panel.

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I’m not. I’m using MacOS.