Backlinks list not in own column on Mac

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11504)

What were you doing: Checking the backlinks

What feature did you use: Backlinks tear-off panel

What happened: It worked…

What did you expect to happen: …but I expected to see an optiuon for backlinks to appear in a column next to the body text. Has this perhaps been abandoned?

It was moved to after 2.0 release

Reaching out to those of you who use Bear 2 on the Mac: Since I can only test on iPad (my Mac is running 10.12) I would love to see a screen shot of how that backlink tear-off panel looks like. Anybody mind posting a screenshot so I know what you are talking about? Thanks!

I had to make the topics and all invisible, as this is private information, but this is what it looks like. Hope this helps.

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Many thanks, much appreciated. So this tear-off panel sits there, even when you switch between notes? For me it’s really helpful when I can see those links immediately when opening a note and on the iPad the panel closes when jumping to another note. This really looks good to me in the Mac version!

Additional thought… is there a way to sort the backlinks (at least in the same way as the notes in the second panel can be sorted by date or title)?

No, there isn’t, unfortunately.

Well, we need to keep a few things for our wishlist for Bear 3 :slight_smile: