Backups not working on iOS

Testing version: 10936

What were you doing: Select export all

What feature did you use: Backup all notes

What happened: Nothing happened after long wait, 100% repeatable.

What did you expect to happen: I expected a window to eventually come up asking where to export the backup to.


This has happened to me too.

I noticed when backing up up all notes on IOS, nothing appeared to happen because, unlike the ipad, there is no animation to show the backup is actually running. (Also the link on the top left menu to backup all notes does not seem to work.)

in previous backups on IOS I did wait several minutes and finally got the window requesting a save location. However I tried a backup just now on test version 10939 and was even more uncertain that anything was actually being backed up. As I found out before on the ipad, terminating a backup leads to the space Bear takes up doubling, presumably the remnant of the terminated backup. I am pushed for space on my ipad so cannot backup as I can’t risk a crashed backup. The iphone has more space but has no visual clue that the backup is running. I attempted but failed to backup on the iphone. Looks like I am going to have to wipe all Bear data off iphone and resync to get back the space.

Do you know if your failed backups have increased the data Bear stores?