App crashes when backing up notes with large attachments

Testing version: 2.0.5 (11800)

What were you doing: I was backing up all my notes in Bear.

What feature did you use: Backup all notes

What happened: Bear crashed.

What did you expect to happen: I expected Bear to create a backup file of all my notes.

I might be pushing the limits of Bear, but I’ll make this a bug report just in case.

To give some context, I like to add GB-sized asset files to my notes for better organization. However, it seems Bear doesn’t handle this very well…


can you please send me a crashlog regarding this issue?

Here ya go :)

Bear-2023-08-09-113457.txt (27.9 KB)

Thanks. If you plug your iPhone to a power outlet and try to backup your notes again you get the same outcome?

Yup. Same thing. Bear crashes.