Bear backup file size

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I’m using the Beta a lot (and loving it so far). If I were to accumulate TONS of notes in Bear, is there a risk of the Backup option (not export, but backing up everything into that one .bearbk file) becoming so large it won’t work?

In this Reddit thread, a moderator of /r/bear says there are no limits in number of notes:

Bear limits | how many notes can you have?

I also recall somebody saying they had 30,000+ notes in Bear at one point and it was working fine.

Based on customer support experience here, Huge backups (> 10k notes with a lot of attachments) can be a problem on iOS older devices. iOS comes with a CPU and battery usage policy that kills the app if it uses too many resources for too much time. This can be mitigated by plugging the device into a power source.

The above is a problem usually reported with pre-iPhone 11 and B2’s exporters are faster and more efficient, but it can happen. B2 will also make it easier to export parts of the notes library via the note list export notes option in the header menu.

macOS (:heart:) is not affected by any of this.

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