iOS Storage conundrum

I have been using Bear sparingly during the Bear 2 beta period. Now I am considering going “all in” but I noticed that Bear was one of my highest storage users on my iPhone - I only have 36 notes and the few attachments I have are small. Trash is empty, but its still reporting this: (see attached)

It should only continue to grow by the size of your notes and attachments. How much iCloud storage do you have?

200 GB with just about 10-12 GB left. Since my initial post, I did a backup within the notes app, and then went to iCloud in settings and deleted the data. And now, a reinstalled Bear app on ipadOS 16 will not restore purchase….

Where do you find how much storage Bear is using on iOS? I can’t find that.

I can hardly believe 36 notes are using almost 5gb storage.

Edit: never mind I found it. I have 81 notes and several attachments and here is a screenshot.

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Try a manual backup - delete the app - redownload the app - import the backup

Hope this resolves the issue

@Eleanor thank you. I had done a backup before wiping Bear from iCloud. I just restored, and that did help me being able to “restore purchase.” Hopefully @trix180 or @matteo will be able to help me…

to whomever finds this later, having made the same mistake I did - here is what solved my problem. I did my backup and deletion of iCloud Bear data from my iPad running iPadOS 16. Then deleted and reinstalled Bear on my iPhone too. However, I had forgotten about my MacBook Air…
When I reinstalled Bear on my Mac, the local data was still there and it offered to re-upload my Data, which then restored my subscription! Whew! :sweat_smile:

In the end this did solve the over-usage of my iCloud space!