Installed and used Mac beta before realizing iOS beta was full

Hi team,

I just got around to checking out the Bear beta email and I set up the macOS version just fine. But when I went to setup my iOS counterpart to enable syncing with the new version, I was greeted with a message in Testflight saying the Bear beta on iOS is full.

I cannot seem to use Bear on mobile now since my database is upgraded on Mac but not iOS. I backed up my notes, how do I go about resolving this back to a usable state?


I have the same problem here. Hopefully there’s a solution😭

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@Jemin I just figured out a solution that worked for me, but it only works if you have a usable backup exported from one of your working v1 Bear apps (iOS or Mac).

I followed the directions here to completely nuke my mac app setup:

Before doing this, make sure you have a usable exported backup!

Namely, I went to ~/Library/Group Containers/ and deleted the Shiny frog group container. I then delete apps on all devices and then went to my iCloud settings > Manage > delete Bear iCloud sync data.

Then reinstall app on mac or iOS (whichever has usable backup to restore). Then iCloud sync will kick off. I then was able to install the app on my iOS device and see the synced data from my mac app.

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@jc713 Thanks for sharing the solution!! I was wishing there’s a way to upgrade my iOS Bear 1 to 2 rather than making my desktop version to Bear 1, as Bear 2 looks it has cool new features.
But many many thanks for your help!

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Hoping that they’re able to add some additional seats to the iOS beta :pray:t3: