Any news about Bear 2 sync (to iOS and other Macs)?

I like Bear 2 sincerely. The update is awesome that I can’t find any alternative competitors.

However, I have a concern about if this beta version can be the master note app (for now). The lack of sync makes it inconvenient to be used everywhere. I have two Macs (one for work and one for personal use) and I can’t sync notes between them. Hence, may I ask whether there is a timetable for the sync function to be updated (approximately is also fine)? Will it be updated simultaneously with iOS beta?

Thanks for creating such a outstanding App!


I also use two Macs, and being able to turn on sync would be very nice and encourage me to spend more time testing Bear 2.


Our idea is to text sync after the iOS beta release because not everybody has 2 Macs to test the sync.


@matteo, @trix180

Hope this is happening soon, since I’m using Bear even more on iPhone and iPad, so I hesitate to use Bear-2 beta on Mac, except for random testing.

When Bear-2 iOS/iPadOS beta with sync gets out, I think we’ll get a much more realistic day to day use with a much higher volume of notes for testing, also for the Bear-2 Mac beta.

I would then happily be able to use the beta only (until final release)

Now, it’s in a kind of limbo …

But guess you already know that :wink:

Will the first public beta include iOS/iPadOS versions?


No, unfortunately. iOS has its own peculiarities and differences from macOS. For example, long operations can run for a limited time before being killed by the OS and we require to test migration against this limitation.


@trix180 @matteo
What about an early private iOS/iPadOS beta, without the migration function?
So those of us who already are testing the MacOS beta, could test sync, UI, etc. on iPhone/iPad?

Panda works quite well on iPad and iPhone …


+1 for a private iOS beta without the migration function.


Just checking - I blindly installed Bear 2 on a second mac thinking it would sync before checking on the forum. I’m OK with running on a single mac, but I just want to make sure I don’t mess up any data that might get synced up between two machines. Should I be OK?

Everything looks OK on my original install. I’ll close and remove it from the 2nd location.

Thanks for any clarification!

– Dan

Yes, you should be ok. B2 beta operates and its own database and when sync will be enabled (beta) it will operate on the same database.

iOS beta without migration doesn’t make a lot of sense for us because migration is a critical passage from B1 and B2 and has to be tested.

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Will you keep Bear 1 as a separate app in the App Store? Or will Bear 2 supplant it? If it’s the latter, will the two databases be merged upon upgrade?

B2 will replace B1 on the App Store (no separate apps), with a few exceptions because old OS releases will not be able to download B2 but they will be able to keep using B1. When B2 will go into production B1’s database will be migrated but not merged with B2 beta database.

So will we end up with two databases eating up iCloud?

The CloudKit “area” used for beta can be deleted once is no longer used.

Let me recap if I understand:

  • for users who don’t participate in the beta, their database will be migrated so they will have one instance
  • for users who participate in the beta, they will end up with two databases and will have to delete the beta database manually

Is this correct?

Yes. It’s a little complicated and I understand this has to be communicated better.

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@trix180 Speaking of syncing, I’m testing migration of highlighting from B1 to B2. My old instance is a mess, so I deleted everything. Is there a way to manually restart sync from B1 to B2 ?

+6.02*10^23 for a private iOS alpha with the migration/sync function. I said alpha deliberately. For some of us, we’re willing to try a high risk alpha, possibly with the understanding that the beta would wipe out the alpha database and replace it. I realize developers don’t like to release alpha code, since a lot of people don’t understand that it WILL contain possible showstopper bugs. For some of us, though, seeing it in action before next year is worth paying that price.

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+1, I can’t wait to see sync works.

Yes, please check the instructions here

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