Downloaded beta for macOS but beta for iOS is full?

I backed everything up, and as encouraged, went to download on all devices immediately to enable sync. I started with MacOS, which is great, then went to iOS, which just says ‘This beta is full’ in testflight.

Am I likely to not have the ability to sync until:

  • more seats are opened in the iOS beta? Is that a thing?
  • the full release of Bear2? Is that a long/ nebulous amount of time away?

I know I took a risk here. Just trying to figure out how to proceed.


From what I’ve seen so far, you won’t be able to use iOS until the release of v2. I think it’s just a case of more users being on iOS these days

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true, but it really sucks.

I know the devs have a lot going on and it’s hard to run a public beta so seamlessly but I wish they’d comment on this; as of now there’s no ‘approved’ way of getting your devices to sync now.

There is not much we can do, TestFlight has an hard limit on how many users we can bring in, and we can’t increase it.

We specifically wrote to install the beta on all devices before using it to mitigate the issue. Unfortunately if more people install the iOS version than the macOS one there are going to be people who’ll be left out.

If someone is stuck on v2.0 on macOS and doesn’t have iOS (as there are no more spots) it should probably revert to 1.0 for the time being.


Can I please suggest that you disable MacOS TestFlight if there are no more iOS seats?

I started there then realised that the iOS beta is full. I can’t revert to 1.0 on MacOS and while I haven’t lost my data on iOS, I no longer have a functioning Bear app on my main desktop :frowning:

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We just added 100 new free spots on iOS. The macOS TestFlight should not be accessible when these new seats will be over.

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