Update on the status of Bear 2.0 the revenge

Hello everyone!

the 2.0 betas (macOS, iOS) are ready and submitted to Apple. Since yesterday we’re waiting for Apple to review them. The review shouldn’t take long, but it’s not in our control. Please bear a bit longer :slightly_smiling_face:

The next steps are:

  1. Waiting for the OK from Apple
  2. A swift internal test run (just ensuring that the apps work as intended in production)
  3. We’ll post the public TestFlight links here on the forum

Thank you for being so patient!

For any questions feel free to use this thread.


Thanks for keeping us updated! :hugs: :raised_hands:t3:

Thanks for the update. :grin:

So exciting!! Cant wait to try it out. Would the testlfight apps run alongside bear1 or should we uninstall the prev version? (backing up of course)

We’ll have written instruction, but Bear 2.0 should completely replace 1.0, there is no going back! :slight_smile:


Even better!! cant wait!

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Thanks so much for the update. Does iOS also mean iPadOS?

Yes, and also WatchOS :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ve never been a part of a Test Flight app before. What does the transition from Test Flight to the main version look like?

So excited! :))) Come on Apple, don’t keep us waiting! :slight_smile:

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You just install the app when it becomes available, iOS looks at it as if it was an update preety much

Great, thanks for that information.

Hi Will you send us a quick update once apple completes their review so that we can initiate a countdown :grimacing:? Or the team would prefer to send the update and test flight link straight away after internal testing.

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I trust that the instructions will include how to backup/transfer content from Bear 1 to Bear 2?

Great work everyone!!

Your current v1 notes will be migrated to v2 automatically, to backup the v1 data you can look at our backup FAQ


Awesome! Is there going to be a limit on how many people can access it through TestFlight?

If I remember correctly when I’ve done TestFlight betas apple does limit the amount that can use a TestFlight app.

Great news!!! Can’t wait to try new Bear!x