Ios Crash on Note import - way to isolate problem note?

Testing version: Version 2.0(10641) - iOS

What were you doing: Launching app for the first time and importing notes

What feature did you use: None - just launched application and it started to sync.

What happened: On about the 5th note or so, ios app crashes. Looks like it pulled down about 5 encrypted notes and then crashes. Any way to isolate the note it is having issues with? the macos version was able to import all notes and seems to work fine.

What did you expect to happen: App not to crash

we are investigating some sync crashes on iOS and we’ll ship an update as soon as possible.

Thanks. Crash was happening because I didn’t upgrade another macos instance of bear. Once I did that, then the ios versions could sync correctly and not crash.

Awesome update and product. Thank you!

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