Crash at startup investigation

Hello folks!

I’m Konstantin, one of the developers here at Shiny Frog; nice to meet you!

I’m investigating a startup crash during the first sync, around ten after Bear is opened.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to simulate it on my side, but judging from the crash reports, I know that few people of you can reproduce it consistently (I’m talking, for example, to the person that left the crash message The app always crashes about 10 seconds after opening, no matter what i do.)

If this happens to you, please contact me to tackle this together.

Thank you so much!



I had this problem on iphone, systematic crash after 10 seconds. What I did was make a backup from the device that was working and up to date (iPad) then I imported that same backup to the iphone (downloaded from iCloud and imported in airplane mode in Bear 2). I haven’t had this problem since. I have the impression that the problem came from the synchronisation of the tags during the first sync (?) I don’t know if that helps…

Sorry for my English, I’m from Switzerland :sweat_smile:

I am having this issue - it started after I updated to iOS and iPadOS 16.4.1. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro 9.7”

I’m actually the one who left that message. Everything worked fine until I updated to the las ios, now bear crashes about ten seconds after opening. I figured out that if I turn of wifi and celluar, the app doesn’t crash, so i might have to do something with the sync.

Hello everyone!

@Jonathan it seems to be indeed a problem with the synchronisation of the tags, and your solution does make sense, because restoring a backup from another device could change the order of the sync notifications, so the issue could not arise.

@feed_sheep & @petramb may I ask you to leave your crashing Bear as it is, without using it offline, or doing anything that could change the state of the App? We are currently solving an issue with the synchronisation that could make your Bear work again. Leaving everything as it is would be very helpful to understand whether we are able to solve that particular issue.

I will send a message here as soon as we ship the update that should address the issue, and if everything will remain as it is now, I will get in touch to ask you additional information about your state.

For now thank you so much! Will be back soon



Just to let you know, my Bear has synced today and no longer crashes. Thanks!

@petramb unfortunately we haven’t done anything yet; the new version should ship later today, if we don’t encounter any roadblock.

But on the other hand I’m very happy that your Bear started to work again, that’s a very good thing!

For everyone else: I will write you here as soon as the update will be online.

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That’s weird :open_mouth: but everything works perfectly now

Hello everyone!

The version that should fix your crashes is waiting for you in TestFlight. Please update Bear 2 and let me know if everything works now.

Thank you so much for your help and patience!


Unfortunately, Bear still won’t open for me. I’ve force closed the app and reopened it, restarted my phone, closed and reopened TestFlight, and it still crashes when opening.

@feed_sheep I’m going to write you a private message in short time with additional information, so we can debug this together.

Thank you!

Hi. I have this issue. I backed up all data before installing Bear 2. Then installed the new app on all iOS and MacOs devices. The crashes started when I made a new note on one device and then tried to open the app on another. Basically when it was syncing via iCloud. Now it crashes on all devices when I try to open the app and in those 10 seconds I can see it is still not synced. So the app is totally unusual even for me now.

@pearlmadgirl I’m going to write you in private in order to start the investigation.

Thank you!

I mesn that it come when sync some empty note. When I delete it on Mac (source of this empty note) crashis stopt.

@nerolapis with todays update, the MacOS app crashes every time I open the app. It still works fine on iOS.

Workaround that I found:

  • Backup
  • Delete everyting
  • Empty trash
  • import

I was not able to pin down possible cuases, beacuase I have ~500 notes. The empty title might have been involved, I think the sync got further before crashing on Iphone when I removed those notes / added titles.

Unfortunately I can no longer reproduce the issue, as the backup and restore worked for me.

I also had this bug.

When the issue occurred, it could be resolved by reinstalling the app after you erased Bear from iCloud storage.

Hello everyone!

We are still investigating the issue, and we would appreciate any help you can provide us with.

If possible, we ask you not to follow any workaround you find to solve the issue but to get in touch with me, so I can guide you in the generation of some logs that could help us understand why the issue is happening.

We understand if you must follow the workarounds to get back your Bear in the quickest way possible, but if you can wait some days, we would benefit a lot from the logs Bear could generate, and together we could solve this issue for good.

I really appreciate your help!


I’m tagging along for this problem of (almost) immediate crash upon opening. To my understanding, it’s related to syncing, and it happens only on iPad running the latest version OS (16.4.1).

I did not try any workarounds (on my other devices everything seems to work), but I did try a previous build (10936), which crashes as well in the same way.

I’m more than happy to provide logs, if it helps.