Bear 2.0 Headings are Too Large :(



Headings in Bear 2.0 take up too much space, compared to both the regular font size and the 1.0 headings:

Suggested solution

Can you either roll it back or add the Heading Font Size option?

Thank you so much for your work! Keep it up! Proud of you :heart:


I agree. It would be helpful to have the sizing controllers for each of the 6 headings.

I have to say I agree … the current delivery does sometimes strike me as being a little too large but on the other hand the spacious clean UI itself benefits from it and I would not want to see the UI compromised. I think a user configured tweak option would be perhaps the best mid-ground (although I guess a lot more work for the devs)

I agree. The UI could be improved… but the simple addition of heading size preference would be the best solution.

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I see that most of you here want to just control the size yourself. That looks like a great idea. But I am writing this to let you know that I don’t mind the size of current headings. I give lectures everyday looking at my Bear notes and I benefit greatly from the large headings. Afterall, headings are supposed to stand out so that you can find information quickly. I frequently glance at those headings during my presentation and the large headings help me greatly. I even choose a theme that makes headings contrast greatly from the body so that I can find information at a glance.