The new heading sizes are too large

I know this is an area of personal opinion, personal taste, and what I got used to with old Bear, so everyone won’t be satisfied. But I want to voice the feeling.

The new big h1s change how Bear feels to use for writing. For me, my Bear notes aren’t blog posts and they aren’t GitHub readmes, those are for other people to read. My notes are for me to read and reference.

The new h1s take up a lot of room. The increased font size and padding mean fewer words fit per line now so lots of titles will wrap now, which makes them take even more room.

I know the big titles look better in screenshots, they look more like published blog posts, which we like, but to actively use (switching between notes) the huge emphasis on the h1s (which are the least important part of my note) feels like the wrong focus

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I see what you mean, they do change the feel of editing but im a fan. Even in personal notes I love having strong structure/hierarchy, specifically using heading treatments to break up sections. It also makes notes more readable when I export PDFs for others.

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I agree with @ryn456. For my use case, I think you all nailed the header styles (both size and weight) in the beta version. One of my minor frustrations with using the current commercial version of Bear is the lack of meaningful visual distinction between the header styles. This new approach in this editor fixes that and empowers me to create a more nuanced hierarchy in my notes.

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It also looks like there’s less spacing between an H1 or H2 and a horz separator, allowing you to more elegantly render:


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