Adjust title line height

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First of all, congrats for the Bea release :slight_smile:

I post this to comment a minor issue but that could ge easily fixed. When using really long note titles the line height of the title is to big, making it seem like the second line of the title is not related to the original title. It’s an small UI improvement but it feels odd to my eye. I attached a few screenshot as an example:

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Yeah I noticed that too, the heading line height is kinda too much.

Don’t get this confused with the actual paragraph spacing after headings and the following body text; I like that there’s extra space there.


I wonder if we could change it ourselves editing some Bear package files. See below:

I’m afraid to mess with this file as I’m using Bear to work.

I think this was improved in the latest build 10688. The line height of multi-line headings is smaller now.

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Noticed I was about to duplicate this feedback post—it would be great to have a separate line height control for headings. The line height is way too large relative to the larger heading font sizes IMO.

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