Bear 2 beta update (9735)

Today we have a fresh new private beta with big fixes for various bugs in migration, the Editor, and elsewhere. We also snuck in a new Special Search! Read on for details and use Bear > Check for Updates to grab it.

Note: If you reported migration problems with the previous build, please follow these migration instructions to test it again after you update.

We are approaching a public beta but meanwhile, if you want to get access to the beta please leave a comment here.


  • Migration for large databases with a huge number of wiki links should be a lot faster
  • MIA TagCons are now back IA
  • Better tags migration
  • Better import of code blocks edgelord cases


  • Links can now be underlined
  • Header links copied from the header menu now generate a [[wiki link/header]] when pasted
  • New Shortcut (⌘⇧K) to open the link currently selected or including the caret.
  • Fixed an error when copying attachments between notes
  • Images in a folded section should no longer duplicate when unfolding


  • New Special Search @untitled for finding all notes that lack titles

Bug fixes

  • Wiki links are now colored properly in PDF and JPG exports
  • Fixed a bug that could cause images to disappear in PDF exports
  • Footnotes now retain text styles (bold, emphasis, links) in DOCX exports
  • Fixed crash of /get-url and the Safari extension

Yep this took a few seconds now; before it was 2-3 minutes

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Unfortunately images are still duplicated on unfolding. Version 2.0 (9735). To reproduce, open the “Welcome to the beta!” test note, unfold the Panda bear section, and the bear image will be temporarily duplicated in the note list preview.

Related, the periodic save after typing still causes the preview images to flash. Not sure if that was supposed to be part of this fix or not.


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Yay! :tada: Wonderful to hear this made it.

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Yes, I think we have not covered a case here. Thanks for reporting (again) this problem.

No, this still needs work.

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When importing .textbundle files, images do not show up. I have tested the same file in other apps that support .textbundle and the images import. Also, I’ve tested the same note exported in MD - then imported into Bear 2, and the image shows. So, it would seem to be an issue with images in .textbundle.

When selecting multiple bullets, because I want to indent them all one level in - the top most bullet stays while the others below are indented. If I have selected them all, they should all indent.

The first item of a list can’t be indented in markdown (otherwise it will become code) so this is the intended behavior.

I’ve tried a few .textbundle and they didn’t have any issue with images, can you share one that’s not working for you?

Thank you!

Ok thx. It’s helpful to know that this is expected behavior of MD (I don’t use MD very often, so I didn’t know this).

I did more testing, and found that some work and some don’t (while do work in Marked). Here is one that does not work. (I would have uploaded directly, but the file is grayed out when choosing).

Im super happy about this. It’s something that was bugging me since the days of Bear 1. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, TagCons of subtags still didn’t get properly migrated for me. As far as I can say, nothing has changed since the last version.

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We are investingating. The culprit seems not to be the migration but the keywords that cause a tagcon to appear without any user action (e.g. #bear is associated with the bear tagcon). If this is the case should be an easier fix.

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When will more spots be open for testers?

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The last weeks invited more testers when we have an update so we can see how the bug fixes work for new users. We shipped on Friday but I can’t guarantee this week we’ll have something ready.

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