Bear 2 beta update (9772)

With a new beta today we continue our crusade against bugs in migration, the Editor, and elsewhere. Read on for details and use Bear > Check for Updates to grab it.

Note: If you reported migration problems with the previous build, please follow the migration instructions from this thread to test it again after you update.

if you want to get access to the beta please leave a comment here.


  • Better handling of spellcheck and substitution preferences
  • Improved “open link” shortcut (⌘⇧K). Now a link can be opened even if the cursor is next to the link marker
  • Removed the link preview option for links pasted inside table cells
  • Date insertion shortcuts now work inside tables
  • Wiki and auto links can now be underlined
  • Fix for attachments duplication when unfolding note sections
  • Fixed a crash when a specific operation is performed on lists
  • List containing headers can now be folded like regular lists
  • Fixed a tag duplication bug for tags that contain the escaped # symbol


  • Fixed a bug that could cause missing TagCons
  • Markdown links using file:// links with spaces are now correctly converted
  • Fixed another crashing bug

Minor fixes

  • Fixed attachments edge cases in the TextBundle importer
  • A refresh of editor labels and tooltips
  • /create API no longer ignore portions of the HTML input
  • The TagCon in the Note List toolbar now updates when a TagCon is changed
  • Pressing the layout shortcuts (⌃1 ⌃2 ⌃3) multiple times no longer resets Bear’s layout to the three column default; the shortcut’s layout simply stays in place

I can confirm all TagCons finally get correctly migrated for me.

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I tested Bear 2 (9772) on macOS Ventura.0 with Japanese IME.

I catch one crash.

  1. cursor in memo body.
  2. input “#”.
  3. on Japanese IME.
  4. cursor on “#”
  5. type one key
  6. Bear crash

But this case is no probrem.

  1. cursor in memo body.
  2. on Japanese IME.
  3. input Japanese.
  4. add input “#” front inputed Japanese string.

attached file is crash report.
Bear2 9772 crash (6.8 KB)

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It seems bugs are getting fixed pretty fast, very excited about that!

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One unexpected thing. I checked for updates and saw none. However, when I clicked on Version History, the following showed up in a separate page:


Access Denied



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Absolutely thrilled to see this. FWIW, I’d be very grateful for a variant which opens the link in a new window (e.g. perhaps when Option is held).


I think this was a permission problem with our web server but seems to be ok now.

The version history is working correctly now.

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What do you mean with version history? Where does Bear have version history?

No, it’s the beta version changelog history.

Got it. TBH, I got excited for a second because it would be totally awesome if Bear kept version history for notes. :wink: