Bear feedback (⌃N/P + Code blocks)

Bear beta feedback

The new Bear is an amazing product and a big improvement in experience. I love the new image handling, hidden markup, and other things like how tags are handled now.

I do have a couple of qualms that came up in the testing of the product so far.

Using ⌃N + ⌃P for tag selection and wiki links. Bear thankfully supports Cocoa-native keybindings for caret navigation. However, they are not supported in tag and link popup selection. This is something present in almost all other native (code) editors - would love to see that implemented in Bear.

Code block handling. I think this was something brought up some time ago but the way Bear currently handles code blocks is a bit lacking in a couple of ways. Code blocks in Bear (unlike other markup) are always inserted in new lines and always delimited to a certain scope.

However, 1) having typed three backticks `````, they don’t immediately pair up which means that suddenly all of my content below the typed backticks is turned into a code block (which can wreck images and other formatting), 2) when the backticks are hidden or unhidden the vertical padding gets compressed and expanded again which results in the content jumping.

For 1) ideally the backticks would be immediately paired when typed so we get a clear delimitation of the code block. For 2) ideally the Bear would retain the extra padding that would allow the backticks to be unhidden without having the content jump.


I like the suggestion for the code block. It was also something I noticed.