Bear Launch is completed!

I just wanted to give appreciation to the Bear team for such a great job! Congratulations! I know you put in a lot of hard work and time.

It looks great!


I can only join the congrulations. It feels like a new shiny era with bear starts. I love the new website and especially the new video. I also appreciate that the aspect of writing is put more in the foreground: it is now a clear understatement that bear is just a notetaking app.

I hope that this forum here will get a worthy place on the website to promote its awareness and to invite people to join


Congratulations to the team! Thank you for all the hard work!

I have been working with large notes that are basically indices with long lists of wiki links recently and they were starting to become really sluggish. I had to split them into smaller notes and even then the lag was disrupting my work somewhat.

Iā€™m pleased to report that moving from beta to the release has sped things up so much that I actually found myself smiling to myself and marvelling at the buttery smoothness of the app too many times for it to be healthy. :heart_eyes: