New to Bear and loving it!

I decided to move from UpNote to Bear a couple of weeks ago, now that I’m finally in an all Apple ecosystem. At long last I gave up my Android phone for an iPhone. I just want to pay a huge compliment to the support side of Bear. I’ve already made a few posts to Bear Community, and really appreciate the quick and helpful responses I’ve received thus far. More specifically here’s a big shoutout to one person in particular, trix180 who helped me rectify a huge mess I’d created when trying to export all my many notes from UpNote and import into Bear. While I’m one that is comfortable with day to day computer stuff, that’s not the case when I must get into the “back office” or “behind the scenes” sort of stuff. Danilo was not only so very helpful but also extraordinarily patient dealing with my shortcomings. I can’t thank him enough and wanted you to know what a gem he is to your efforts!


Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words about @trix180 . As the Chief Food Officer here, I can officially confirm that Danilo will be rewarded with an extra pizza this month for his great job! :pizza:


Great to hear! He no doubt qualifies for several in my book!

Bob M

Hey, I highly recommend you remove your contact info from public forums!

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Many thanks for that, Prometheus. I should have caught that, yes. Reminds me to communicate here rather than via email.