Email into bear?

(not sure if this is the right place to ask this but…)

Migrated from Evernote to Bear and very happy so far. Nice work!

One Evernote feature that was very convenient was the ability to email into it. E.g. I had an evernote email address I could forward email to and it would go into Evernote?

Is there some (easy-ish) way I could set something similar up for Bear? I have my own domain name and I’m relatively adept… e.g. I COULD code something up using the API, probably, but I frankly don’t have the free time and was hoping there might be an easy-ish solution.

I use gmail.

Suggetions? (Not the right place to ask this?)

Not aware of anything other than Spark email app having a Bear notes integration.

And just to clarify, Spark v2 has this integration. The newer (might I add) less functional v3 still hasn’t integrated this feature yet.

Yeah, I wasn’t even thinking this through. Bear is only running on my devices, there’s no server component. Duh.

Not sure I want to switch mail apps just for that (although Spark is supposed to be pretty awesome).

I guess I’d maybe have to write a chrome extension to talk to gmail for me to send something into Bear?

I don’t do this often enough to really invest much time in it, I think. Hmm…