Reflections on import/export

I’ve used Evernote in the past and left when they lost direction and the app got too complicated - designed more and more for corporate use than personal. Then, they had multiple options to import data. Now Legacy and Electron have no options except ENEX import.

It’s been so massively puzzling for me that Evernote would remove a major way to attract new users, I started to read through the Evernote forum tonight looking for any insight as to importing into Evernote; there isn’t any, still. They finally have better syncing.

Using a note app to record your life is an important thing. Many of us put quite a lot of data there, some of it irreplaceable. Life situations change. Being able to leave, even if you never want to, is comforting.

In 2022, I had a very bad half year looking for a better notes app that worked like I think. When I heard that Bear 2 was getting near public beta release I finally switched back. I’m glad I’m back.

I want to thank the developers for having so many robust import and export options in Bear.

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