Questions about Bear features and future

Hi everyone!

I’ve tried so many times to forget about Evernote, but it’s hard, all other notes apps on mac are disgusting, DEVONthink is an organizer, it doesn’t work for nice looking notes :), apple notes app consumes size in iCloud and gets it syncs completely then my iPad is saturated with memory among other applications that I have tried, no I like.

Years ago I discovered Bear but I have a hard time reading notes with markdown code on it. But Panda … Bear + Panda will revolutionize and win the game over Evernote, I’m sure! Very good idea!

I have some questions for the Bear team:

  1. Bear and Panda are separate apps now. Is there an idea when the beta of Panda + Bear will be released together?

  2. I have a problem with Bear … Bear only works with iCloud Drive and for me (and other users) we have a problem. We pay Bear subscription + iCloud Drive subscription. The problem is that as the notes get bigger and bigger, you have to increase the iCloud plan (it’s like then using Apple Notes or a Dropbox subscription (same price)). Also, if you use iPad then it consumes a lot of iPad capacity (as with Apple Notes). I think it would be very necessary to offer the client other options, for example, many programmers use NAS and we could use the SFTP protocol or the webDAV protocol to be able to synchronize the database and thus we have the power of our information in us. Also, this has the huge advantage of not paying for a bigger and expensive iCloud plan. For example, Joplin has the option to use webdav or DEVONthink for example to use databases with webdav. This would be so fantastic …
    And it has advantages: you can use the capacity of your NAS (without depending on Apple), you do not have to pay high price for storage …

  3. Normally a markdown file does not have an embedded image. That is, you can add the url to an image but the note does not have the image itself within the markdown document. This makes it fantastic and exceptionally Bear :slight_smile: When exporting a document in markdown, it seems to export image and document separately. Is there a way that I can export the markdown with the embedded image somehow?

Nothing else, I think you are on the right track but if you knew the second point (webdav protocol) how important it would be for users who have NAS …

Greetings and I would love to have an answer to these three points.

Thank you!!!

  1. No ETA
  2. It will remain solely in iCloud
  3. No

ok, thank you adrenalina