Bear Mac Crash on Carriage Return

Testing version:
2.0.14 (MacOS), 2.0.14 (iPadOS), Excel 16.77.1 on Mac, Excel 2.78 on iPadOS

What were you doing:
Making a table, pasting some data from Microsoft excel

What feature did you use:

What happened:
Pasting in the data worked, but caused the device to go slow. After exiting the table, if line breaks are added, then the table breaks up into plaintext and bear crashes.

If you pre-add line breaks, and then add data to the table, and subsequently type beneath the table, nothing happens until you navigate away from the note and back.

If you add the data to the column and then navigate away and back, it converts to plain text but does not seem to crash.

To repeat:

  1. New bear note; 2x2 table.
  2. Copy data from Excel (two or more cells)
  3. Either exit table (click out of it) and linebreak, or browse away and back.

I investigated what was going on, and noticed copying + pasting from other apps resulted in no issue. So I put the data through “Chef” to see what was going on.

From Excel
Copied the data, and it looked like this on input:

Encoded to base64, this is: YTZwDQphYw== so you can decode that to clipboard and copy into bear if needed. Pasting that into the table in bear causes the described symptoms.

From other text editor
The other copied text instead preduces Line Returns instead:

With base64 YTZwCmFj

What did you expect to happen:
No crash, no plain text format :slight_smile:

Hello, and thanks for reporting this issue.
Apparently, Excel adds a Carrier Return and End of The Line character for each cell copied. I guess this comes from Windows because CR and EoL are not very used on Mac. We should possibly handle those as normal carrier returns and replace them with
when pasted inside a cell.

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