Bear (Post) 2.0 Request: Public Links for notes

Has there been any discussion on being able to create public links for notes? For example:

I might have been collecting some tips and tricks for using Xcode over the years and it would be nice to be able to share that with others easily. There could be an option in the 3-dot menu “Create Shareable Link” or “Create Public Link” which could present a modal giving you some options like:

  • how long should the link be active — when should it expire?
  • create a password

Whoever receives that link would be able to click or tap on it and be able to view that note in all of its glory in the browser — even if they don’t have Bear. The styling would look the same as Panda, of course.

This might be a long shot and maybe too big of an ask, but I think this would be a really nice feature. Plus, the Panda editor is looking so clean and beautiful that it would be great to be able to share some notes.

That’s it, just wanted to get a temp check to see if this was even on the radar at all.

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I can imagine that this feature could come once the web version is ready

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Ahh…didn’t know they were working on a web version.