Share the Bear - Who wants to be able to share notes via a web link?

I’m super impressed with Bear 2.0 so far, but the lack of any note-level web sharing gives me real pause at this point. My use case is that I create wiki-like pages for courses I’m teaching and share them with students so that they can download handouts and have access to all of the relevant resources in one place. Sharing materials in this way has become especially crucial given that many people are accessing teachings via Zoom.

I currently use Craft for this. Bear 2.0 is a better writing and note organizing experience, but I hesitate to have to split myself between a note/writing app and a sharing app.

Are there any plans to add basic sharing of notes? (I’m not talking about collaboration. Just sharing via web)


This would also be really cool for the social media aspect of sharing notes too. It would be super cool to be able to share notes on twitter almost like you would if you were to share a Medium blog article or something. It would be amazing advertisement for bear if you think about it because people will see the logo and what not a lot more. If you allowed people to share links to notes on twitter and they had nice thumbnails and stuff, idk, there’s an opportunity here.

My personal use case example would be when I write poetry and lyrics and wish to share to twitter. Currently I take screenshots of bear and upload images, but honestly, that is a chore and is a bad user experience for end readers. I could upload to Medium, but that is a chore and means I no longer can use bear to continue to write as Medium and bear will be out of sync. The super nice option is to be able to right click a note and make it public to anyone with a link, and perhaps the UI should show a little icon to say that note is being broadcasted.

Imagine users could just land on a super minimal article page the basically looks like the bear editor, perhaps the user can toggle themes, but other than that it’s just a read only bear experience. Super handy stuff for social media people who only want to keep their content within bear and not have to resort to opening external accounts to share content. I guess the ultimate point is that you’re keeping content creators inside of bear.


Great use case @JonP !

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To answer your question, I don’t want sharing in Bear. I’d rather they focus on other stuff. However, nothing against your reasons for wanting it, I totally understand.


Not sure if I ever would need to use it for sharing or publication but that seems to be a nice feature.

Actually I need apple notes for exactly the feature of collaboration. Not Collaboration in a professional context but between me and my wife, between me and friends and so on


In order to do this, you’d have to connect Bear to some sort of server that has access to at least the notes you want to share, if not all of them. That breaks the privacy and local nature of the app, possibly for everyone. In any case, you can export Bear notes as images and share those, or simply copy and paste what you want to share into your social media of choice.

It’s a fundamental change in the app that is not necessary to achieve your use case and it comes with many negatives. I can’t see it happening and we’re better without it.


Conjecture, this will be easy to do

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Yes, I would like this to happen.

I am not a developer, so I cannot comment on how easy/hard, or even possible, this would be. But the dev team has mentioned that a web version of Bear is planned for after Bear 2 is launched. I also remember reading that part of the rewriting for Bear 2 is to facilitate making a web version of Bear. But then again, I truly don’t know if having a web version of their app necessarily means being easier for sharing individual notes via web links.

I think this will come when they begin working on a Web version of Bear.


I think they said they’re working on a web version. Once that’s out, I imagine this feature will arrive. My guess though

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Sharing like Craft or MEM do it would be great. For example to share notes within the family or colleagues.

Yes. Even simple sharing like Apple Notes would be great. Doesn’t need to be some big, complex enterprise thing.


You can share Apple notes because of the “big complex enterprise thing” called iCloud.

I am very aware of what would be entailed as I have been in the computer industry for 32 years developing and managing software projects.

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You can do it by integrating Bear with Stashpad: Stashpad Blog - Introducing the Bear integration with Stashpad - Stashpad

Is there any update here? I would very much like to share a note with someone who also is Bear Pro user. This is starting to really be annoying. In the end, I keep my notes in Bear but anything that I want to share I copy and paste into Apple Notes. Seems to be a waste of time.


One of the reasons I use Bear is that it is very well designed. Other systems, including Craft, keep on adding more and more functionality, and they quickly become overly complex. So if Bear does add sharing functionality, I would like it to be really well designed, and as simple as possible.

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