Basic note sharing

Are there any plans to have some type of note sharing/collaboration? Even something simple would be nice.


technically, We consider online sharing as the next step to the web version, or in other words, once the web app renders the notes correctly and it’s stable we can consider working on sharing. Collaboration requires another step concerning both native and web apps. Sharing also concerns Bear’s team of service and we should investigate about what are our responsibilities when comes to hosting user content.


I’m very excited about this part of the feature roadmap! Regarding collaboration—specifically between two Bear app (pro) users—is there a way that Bear could utilize the existing iCloud collaboration functionality behind the scenes? I often share folders and files via iCloud Drive, and it works well.

hey there!

curious if there’s any updates on when the online sharing might become available? The use case I have is creating a shared grocery list with my wife and our nanny. currently we’re trying to use notion, but notion is a little heavyweight and i love bear’s UI so much better!

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We want to do it eventually, but right now the focus is on Panda and the web version.

Just coming here to add my voice to this feature request. :slight_smile:

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