Bear sharing to Messages Causes Messages to Crash

  • Bear Version: Version 2.2.2 (12722)
  • OS Version: 14.5
  • What were you doing: I had a note that I wanted to share to a Messages group. When I selected Share->Messages, the Messages app crashed. This was repeatable. I subsequently tried Share->Mail and Share->Notes and these apps worked fine.
  • What feature did you use: The Share function from the vertical ellipses (upper right corner of window).
  • What happened: The app (Messages) I wanted to share to crashed.
  • What did you expect to happen: The Bear note to appear in a Messages delivery dialog similar to how it the Notes and Freeform delivery dialog appears.


I have yet to test this on iOS 14 but I wonder if Messages crashes for any notes or just specific ones.

I tested with 3 different notes. Two of them popped up in Messages fine. The third, the one in question, crashes Messages every time.