Bear standalone window link navigation

Dear Team,

I have a note with a lot of links. Its sort of my index or jumping point of navigation to other notee. I like to quickly open the index note in Raycast in a standalone window. Then I navigate to other links.

The current behaviour is that when I click on one of the links bear goes to the main window and opens up the link. The expected behaviour would be to open the link in that standalone window.

This helps to be focused without having to everything else. Can you guys establish this?


Hello. If you press ⌘ while clicking on a wiki link in an external window, it will open in an external window.

Hi @trix180

That works as expected. But my concern is that when I click without the command button it takes me to the main window. What I would like is to keep browsing the links in external window. A good use case for this is like you are using something like Raycast/Alfred, you quickly pull a note up and then you may want to browse through the note without bringing up the main window…

Below here is a video that illustrates this point better: