Opening note on a new window

I really would love to open a note on a new window without changing the note I am viewing. Currently, when I right click/ two finger tap on a note, my current viewed note is changed to that note. Then if I open that note on a new window, I have two same notes open and have to change one of the notes again.

So my request is:

  • two finger tap/ right click to not change the currently viewed notes
  • keyboard command to open a note in new window
  • a method to navigate the notes list without opening the notes with keyboard only (command+arrow or something)
    the feature below

I think if second and third point can be implemented, basically we have the command bar/ quick open pane some users had been requesting for and it would be really neat.



I do think the above can be solved with a quick open panel, which is something we really want but along with other features has to be delayed after 2.0.

About the keyboard-only link opening, it’s on the list but the hard part is finding a free hotkey that makes sense :sweat_smile:


I am thinking with right keyboard command combination shift+command+f, the one we have right now can be in place of the command bar. But I agree finding the right command combination is some work to do.

Please do not forget the people who works with the mouse. Like me who just remember a few hotkeys. That a right click on a note in second pane opens the in editor is annoying: when i open a notes window by right click → “open in window” the note also is opened in editor.

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How about Opt-Enter maybe? Or Cmd-Opt-Enter which is what Craft uses.

Also perhaps opt+up/down arrow to move between notes in second pane without opening them?
and ctrl+enter to just opening the notes on the same pane (in the editor)

I would like to test de new app

I guess you are in the wrong topic. Try it here!

I would like access to Bear 2 macOS beta.

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@trix180 Just want to say: I’m really satisfied with how this the new menu items for this are working in Bear 2, particularly with 9916’s change to place the cursor in the newly opened window. Thanks, all!

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