Quick open request: shortcut to open note in a new window

I love the quick open feature, and with it, I find myself getting my whole system back into Bear again. However, there’s a feature I would love to see: a keyboard shortcut to “quick open” the highlighted note in a the search field in a new window. Cmd-enter maybe since enter opens the note?

The rationale: You work on something, and then want to reference another note, or add something to another note. The natural course of action is to use quick open to find that note, but then you have no choice but to open that in the main window, replacing what you are working on! Which is a massive flow breaker.

Having that keyboard shortcut would line up nicely with the shortcut we already have to open wikilinks in a new window and I do not think it would detract from Bear’s streamlined experience.

Have you tried hitting that hotkey inside the Quick Open? (spoiler: it was there since day one :smiley:)

Thanks for the feedback!

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Haaaaa please accept my apologies :man_facepalming: I have a Keyboard Maestro macro that interfered with the Quick Opener which is why it did not work out of the box… :sweat_smile:
Thanks for letting me know and for sweating all those details. That’s why I love Bear so much!