[Feature Request] Quick Open Note (via Keyboard Shortcut)

Hi there!

  1. I was curious if there were any plans for a keyboard shortcut to open a note? Basically you’d hit the shortcut and see a small text box appear allowing you to type to find a page (similar to the autocomplete for page mentions). Not having this really slows down the process for opening other notes as you create and link them together.

  2. Related to 1 is the ability to open the note mentioned under the current cursor with a keyboard shortcut.

The more keyboard shortcuts we have for opening notes, the faster our workflow can be.

Thank you!

EDIT: For any fellow Alfred users, I found this Bear Alfred workflow: GitHub - drgrib/alfred-bear: Streamlined note searching and creation for Bear using Alfred. It works pretty well, and you can even setup your own custom workflows on top of it (e.g. I setup a global hotkey to open or create a journal note with today’s date in Bear)… but also has some disadvantages. Would still be much better native :slight_smile: