How to Ditch TextEdit for Bear?

Hey everyone,

I’m really into Bear for its straightforward design, tagging, markdown, and pretty much everything it offers. But, I keep going back to TextEdit. The reason? I’ve got this keyboard shortcut set up that pops open a new TextEdit document instantly whenever I need to jot something down quickly.

So, here’s my question: Is there a way to achieve something similar with Bear? I’m not looking to open the whole Bear app with its explorer, list of notes, etc. I just want a simple keyboard shortcut that opens a new note by itself—kind of like the view you get when you double-click a single note from the list, but for creating a new note directly.

If I could manage this, I’d be able to leave TextEdit behind for good. Does anyone know how to set this up or if it’s even possible?

Appreciate any tips or guidance!

PS: And for what it’s worth, I’ve tried automating this in macOS Keyboard Shortcuts (Open Bear > Create Note), but it creates a new note in the context of the full bear app experience. I need “Create a Note in a New Window”, not “Create Note”

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Well dang. They say a problem well stated is half solved. I explored Keyboard Maestro as an alternative, and it worked fantastically. The macro defined on the left, launches the note on the right. I’ll take the W here. If there are alternatives that don’t require Keyboard Maestro, let me know-- but if not, and anyone is looking to do what I described, this definitely works. Thanks!

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I’ve set something similar with Shortcuts: ask for text, save untagged note. Bonus on iPhone 14: hook that Shortcut on your Action button for instant capture system wide. :smiley:

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You may try out this Apple shortcut:

  • Opens small multiline input field
  • type your text in plain text or raw markdown
  • Tap Done to create as note in Bear without even opening Bear
  • It gets tagged with #.inbox for easy retrieval and editing

Install shortcut: Bear Quick Note - Shortcuts

Hope this can useful, or modify shortcut to your needs.

On iPad:

With shortcut saved on home screen…