Global Command Bar

Hi Team!

Iā€™d be grateful if you would consider adding a quicker keyboard centered (on macOS) global search and note creation feature to Bear/Panda.

I was testing NotePlan 3 (out of curiosity) and there is a Command+J shortcut that brings up a Command Bar which quickly runs global searching of note titles, in-note contents and if the search query is not found, the ability to create it as a new note.

There is also a similar feature on the iOS app when the :mag: is selected.

I think Bear/Panda would greatly benefit from something similar in future updates and releases ā€“ so I just wanted to point you towards where it is being done exceptionally well.

Also, it would be great if the wiki-link window currently in Bear could be widened in Panda to allow the full title (especially for longer titles) to be read easily and not truncated.

Thank you :bear: :+1:


+1, I was hoping for the same thing. Would be invaluable even if the only command was to open notes (I asked about that previously: [Feature Request] Quick Open Note (via Keyboard Shortcut))

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