Bear Version 2.0 (9916) Crashes on initial import

Testing version:
Bear Version 2.0 (9916)
What were you doing:
Opening app for the first time
What feature did you use:
Just double click on the app icon
What happened:
Bear opened and greeted with a “Just a moment until Bear is ready” pop up. A status bar is moving. After status bar is done, the app crashes with an error report. While this happens, an „Application Data v2“ folder is created under the - Folder in Library. Many “Local Files” are imported and the database.squlite file generated is 38 Mb big. But when I reopen Bear Beta, there are no visible notes and all note-related menus are greyed out.
If I delete the Application Data v2 folder, as suggested in another Bug Report (Bear 2 not importing Bear 1 notes), I am back to step one (Bear greeting with import window, crashes)
What did you expect to happen:
A fresh start with the imported database.

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Also have this same experience. FWIW, 9916 is my first Bear 2.0 Bear version. Tried deleting the Application Data v2 folder as mentioned above. It crashes the same way again.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ll work these bugs via DM to avoid privacy issues. If anyone else experiences simular problems please contact me.

Issue resolved here with version 9929. Initial import did work now.