Bold & Italic - ⌘B don't turn off Bold

Testing version:
1.00 (377)

What were you doing:
Trying to turn off Bold with ⌘B when wrapped with Italic

What feature did you use:
⌘B on selected text that already had bold and italics

What happened:
When botth ***Bold & Italic*** - ⌘B don’t turn off Bold

What did you expect to happen:
⌘B should turn off/toggle Bold, even when Italics is on.
(⌘I turns off/toggles Italics when both, so that works as expected)

Also, I’m really hoping for a preference setting to choose _undercore_ for Italics
but keeping **double asterix and obelix ;)** for bold.
Of course that could look like either **_italics bold_** or _**bold italics**_
Both ways are standard Markdown.
What do you think?

Sorry for nitpicking (nits = baby bugs)


Thanks for reporting this, it’s not high priority, but I’ve added this as to be fixed :slight_smile:

We also plan to allows customization of the bold/italic shortcut format, for now you can still type what you prefer and it should work properly.


Hi Mateo,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes it was a bit of nitpicking, and I agree, not too important.

Glad you’re planning options for bold/italics format.

Hope you’ll make separate options for each.

Hope you are all well and safe,

What else to during a lockdown, except playing with your pets like :bear: and :panda_face:

All the best,