Removing nested italics adds more asterisks

Testing version: Panda 1.0 (3096) on macOS 12.5

What were you doing: Adding and removing bold/italics with Command+B and Command+I

What feature did you use: Nested styles

What happened:

Start with text that is both bold and italics: ***Sample***
Removing bold with Command+B will change the text to *Sample* as expected
Removing italics with Command+I removes italics by adding additional asterisks ****Sample****

What did you expect to happen:

Removing italics (Command+I) from bold+italics text (***Sample***) should remove asterisks to: **Sample**, just like removing italics from text that is only italics: *Sample* to Sample.



Thank you for submitting the bug, I can confirm this is not supposed to happen, we’ll patch it as soon as possible :slight_smile:


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