Shortcut for styling text behaviour


while writing notes – even quick notes – I use a lot keyboard-shortcuts for styling text (like CMD+B for bold or CMD+I for italics). Something that I can’t used to is the “Bear behaviour” with them: if I’m writing some words in bold and I press CMD+B, all the stuff I just wrote revert to regular text. What I’d like to happen is it to end the bold section, moving the cursor after the double asterisks used to mark bold text. This would be particulary helpful when markdown need a double character: right now I have to hit the right arrow button twice, or press CMD or ALT at the same time.

I know that Bear – and Panda too – allows to quickly disable styles simply moving the cursor in a styled piece of text and pressing the right shortcut. But I feel that this is what should happen if the user clicks somewhere in the document or use arrows to navigate, not when he is typing something. Not a big deal after all, but it’s something that in my opinione would make writing a bit quicker and easier.

PS: the same should happen on mobile when using the styling toolbar.


the behavior you described makes sense and we evaluated it at some point, but we found it counter-intuitive especially if you come from a rich text editor where pressing the same button/shortcut in that situation removes the style. I think what you are proposing can eventually be done with another button.


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I rather find your suggestion to be counterintuitive as it has been this way for all the editors I find. You can use enter to exit bold for Panda and I think that is perfect.

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