Please avoid changing formatting shortcuts if you can

Bear is the least friction writing environment I’ve ever felt and a large part of that is due to wonderful choices for shortcut keys. After three years of typing in Bear, I’m very familiar with these choices and like them a ton.

I notice the Panda alpha reassigns some shortcuts and removes some entirely:

  • Strikethrough ⇧⌘E — changed to ⇧⌘U
  • Quote ⇧⌘U — changed to ⇧⌘T
  • Todo › Toggle ⇧⌘T – removed

In particular I want to call out todos: Bear’s support for todos is so good that people consider replacing full-fledged task apps (like Things) with Bear. Please keep a keyboard shortcut around for toggling todo state (Things uses “⌘.”). In Panda there’s no shortcuts for todo state and no menu item available for me to set my own (through macOS)

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I agree that have a keyboard shortcut for Todo is important. ⌘T is working for me for that.

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