Too many formatting shortcuts with "T"

In Bear 2, we currently have way too many shortcuts with the letter T that are easy to confuse/misremember:

Cmd+T = new task
Cmd+Opt+T = new table
Cmd+Shift+T = quote

Both “task” and “table” start with the letter T so it makes sense to keep their shortcuts. My suggestion would be to follow iA Writer’s lead and use Cmd+> for quote (since this is the underlying Markdown character).

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That’s the default macOS hotkey for swapping between windows of the same app, we don’t want to override it :slight_smile:

You can manually change it inside the macOS System Settings if you really want to.


I’m pretty confident it’s not. Cmd+` is the shortcut to cycle windows in the same app. Out of curiosity, I scoured a couple Mac shortcut lists, and Cmd+> isn’t used anywhere.

I know I can change shortcuts manually on the Mac. I can’t do the same on my iPad though, so I care about the defaults.

I’m pretty confident you’ve not spent 3 minutes scrolling a bit the link you’ve provided :slight_smile:

Hotkeys on macOS are localized depending on the keyboard layout, all the people using a ISO layout (European people for example) will have the shortcut set to Cmd+> and Cmd+< to cycle between windows.

Hotkeys are difficult, but we’re trying really hard to have something usable for everyone.


Got it. :slight_smile: Yeah, accommodating all different keyboard layouts can be tricky. Thanks for the explanation.

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Sorry to necro this, but I’m having an off experience with hotkeys as well.

I check off todo’s a lot with the keyboard, and the hotkey for this in Bear 1 was Cmd + Shift + T. Going into Bear 2 this is my biggest gripe, since now it’s Cmd + . (period).

macOS provides a way to (re-)map any command that’s in the menu (through Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts), so I did that (the command in the menu-bar is ‘Toggle’, for those interested).

This doesn’t work consistently, sadly, so I wonder if something’s up. I feel like this may deserve some testing, since (re-)mapping hotkeys is a macOS feature.

The best scenario would be a settings-panel te map hotkeys ourselves, though I immediately recognize how much effort that would take.