Show Editor Only keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcuts for Show Editor Only (^1), Show Notes and Editor (^2), and Show Tags, Notes and Editor (^3) conflict with the default macOS Mission Control shortcuts for switching between Desktops 1, 2, etc. Is this intentional?

I don’t typically use the Mission Control shortcuts, so I disabled them. However, I’m concerned that many users will be confused as to why those keyboard shortcuts don’t work as expected. It took me a while to figure out why Show Editor Only (^1) and Show Notes and Editor (^2) weren’t working, while Show Tags, Notes and Editor (^3) was. It turns out, they were conflicting with the Mission Control shortcuts since I had two desktops. I only realized this after searching through macOS System Settings Keyboard Shortcuts.

If the choice of ^1, ^2, ^3 was deliberate, can Bear’s keyboard shortcuts take precedence over the Mission Control shortcuts?

As far as I know, mission controls don’t come with those default shortcuts. Also those are Bear’s shortcuts since 2016.

If you say so.

On both of my Macs, one running macOS Monterey and the other Ventura, the shortcuts “^1” and “^2” correspond to “Switch to Desktop 1” and “Switch to Desktop 2” respectively. If I alter these shortcuts and then hit “Restore Defaults,” they return to “^1” and “^2”. I had thus assumed that these were the default keyboard shortcuts. What happens when you choose “Restore Defaults” on your Mac?

My intention was not to suggest changing established keyboard shortcuts, as I recognize that could lead to more problems. Rather, I was exploring whether Bear’s keyboard shortcuts could have precedence over those of Mission Control. It seems, however, that exploring alternative solutions is not currently on your agenda. Duly noted.

Perhaps it is due to the pressures of the Bear 2.0 launch, but I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the tone of the responses here compared to the more welcoming atmosphere on the Bear subreddit. My aim was simply to be a conscientious beta tester, but given the circumstances, I don’t see the benefit of continuing my contributions. I wish you all the best.