Request: UI button to toggle Editor-only/Notes/Tags

Would love a UI button in the toolbar area that quickly switches between showing the editor-only mode, the list of notes, and the full tag sidebar.

I love being in editor-only mode most of the day as I take notes, but I often need to browse old notes, going back to the full tag sidebar to navigate around looking around. Personally, when I do this, I can browse around with just the mouse, so kind of nice to pop the panel and select notes to view using just the mouse. The keyboard isn’t great at quickly jumping between files, but feels weird to have to use the keyboard to show/hide the sidebar, then have to use the mouse to browse the files.

Minor request, I know, but it is something I appreciate in the Notes app (hides just the folders, which would be fine), or Ulysses which toggles the three states, or even Xcode, which dedicates one of the few toolbar buttons to showing and hiding the navigator of files so you can show only the editor space easily.

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I use a trackpad on my mac and can simply (two-finger) swipe left and right to cycle between one, two and no sidebars. I think you can do the same gesture on an Apple mouse.

That’s a good point. I often use a trackpad with my left hand (separate or built into a laptop) with the regular Logitech mouse as primary. But this is indeed a good idea.

Still kind of like the specific target, but also like this idea.

I totally agree: The mac version should get the same < > buttons that iPad version have on the status bar for toggling between editor only and 2 or 3 pane modes.

It works better than swipes, because it toggles directly between editor only and 2 or 3 panes, depending on how many panes you last had open.

I often have problems with swipes, and on mac this function is two finger swipe, while on iPad it’s a one finger swipe – my muscle memory often gets confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Please count my vote @trix180 :pray: