I'm missing the button to toggle tags, notes, and editor

I’m not sure if anyone else cares about this, but I’m putting it here just in case. One thing I’ve noticed since starting on Bear 2 for the Mac is that it seems that like 90 times a day I switch between Editor view and Tags/Notes/Editor view. I keep hunting for the toggle button that isn’t there.

I know Bear is all about reducing clutter, but I’m wondering if other people are also having trouble with this change.

I use ⌃1, ⌃2, and ⌃3.

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What does that mean for the wish of op?

Yep, i have such trouble since i am not a hotkey hero. Removing clutter is one thing - a totally different thing is to hide functionality from people that rarely or never use hotkeys but rely on visual represantion of common funtionality inside the ui

I also made the same request today:

Note the line about pizza or coffee cup in left hand, interfering with ctrl 1,2,3: :wink:
(Below the note title in status bar request)

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I can understand some might prefer the UI for switching layout but over the years felt unnecessary compared to how macOS apps approach layout switching. - @trix180

That was a point i was willing to mention too! :smiley:
In my case it is the cup of coffee, my vape machine and my two cats. For sure we all use both hands when writing but often enough we are reading, thinking, organizing and enjoying.

No doubt, if your criterion is speed then probably a hotkey based workflow is the best for you. I just can stand if someone wants to tell me what the best is for me. Hotkeys are stressing me. I do not want to remember them and i do not want them to occupy my left hand. I am in no competition to someone else and have to finish work 5 minutes before him. I use the touchpad of my macbook and once i will have bought an iMac i will rely on a mouse.

I am 50 years old and i have worked my whole life like that. There is no reason for me to take over the super productivity style. A calm pulse, purring cats, a good coffe and enjoyment that is what PRODUCTIVITY means for ME

Swiping! Swiping left/right can pull out or tug in panels in a step-wise manner. I found it super helpful - one of the functions I have enjoyed the most since Bear 1 … from > 5 years ago :sweat_smile:


That’s how i do it on my macBook :wink:

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