First Impressions


I can understand some might prefer the UI for switching layout but over the years felt unnecessary compared to how macOS apps approach layout switching.

Not sure this is what you mean but you can hide the stats by clicking on it.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 11.31.40

I’m afraid we don’t have much more to show about each stat, or you had something in mind?

I don’t agree with you vision for tags because they can be contextual to a #sentence. I do have to think about the files: I can see that, if they are on the first portion of the note they are most likely listed as attachments in the preview, but we also have new view options now for the note list.

Any chance you have delete the B1 data as well when you delete B1? It will explain the data not appearing in B2.

Mind you can place in other locations such as your Desktop.