Missing status bar note title and panel buttons on Mac

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I know this has been requested by others before, but since we now have transitioned to Mac/iOS/iPad betas, I would like to request it again:

  1. I would love to have the Note title displayed in top status bar, when note is scrolled up.

    1. This will be very helpful/necessary when working with multiple windows/split screen, so as to differentiate similar long notes/note versions and not get confused between them.
    2. This is how it works in B2 on iPad, and it looks really nice.
  2. I’m often missing a couple of buttons to toggle note list/tag panels.

    1. Yes, I know I have the Ctrl+1, 2, and 3 keyboard shortcuts, but sometimes I scroll through my notes with MBP in my lap using trackpad with right hand, and a cup of coffee or a piece of pizza in my left hand, so reaching for Ctrl+1, 2, and 3 is not ideal.
    2. Using menu View/Show Editor Only etc. is also a long reach on the trackpad.
    3. Maybe I’m too lazy to put down my coffee or clean my fingers from pizza sauce before I touch the keyboard :wink:
    4. But adding the same two discrete buttons that’s there on iPad onto Mac, would be a wonderful UI improvement.
  3. Also it would be good to have very similar UI on both iPad and Mac.
    (I sometimes almost touch my Mac screen to slide panels etc.… )

Feature request for Bear 2.0 Mac

Here are the subtle UI elements I would hope could be added to the status bar on Mac as well:
Screenshot from iPad, marked with blue rectangles, from left to right:

  1. Button to toggle Tag Panel
  2. Button to toggle View Editor Only
  3. Note title appearing on status bar when note scrolled up (title in note out of view)

  1. Second this!! I open many long notes at once and it would help a lot to always be able to see the title.

  2. Not sure if you’ve tried this - but swiping left/right is how I switch between different modes when I read my notes (with a cup of coffee :coffee:) :wink:

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Thank you very much, I use that a lot in Bear on iPad, but thought it didn’t work on Mac, but I just realized that some time ago, I switched two finger horizontal swipe off in settings for some reason. It’s now switched back on and works well :sunglasses:
Thanks a lot for pointing that out, saved my day.

I still wish for those two small toggle note list/tag panes-buttons to be added on Mac as well, though, swiping sometimes gets me into trouble … (like accidentally swiping left or right when cursor happens to be hovering over a note in note list => note gets trashed or pinned/unpinned :scream:)

:birthday: :coffee: :pizza: :beer: :sunglasses: :keyboard:

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