Would love to see a back button

Bear 2.0 is nice. Loaded with some of the features I’ve been interested in.

For me going back to the previous page is a bit headache.

I research and drop data on to my bear app. backlinks are ok, but its another 2-clicks away. Can it be possible to have visual left and right arrow icons for back and forward?


Already planned. See this thread.

FYI – searching the forum for “back button”, clicking the “More…” link at the bottom of the search results, and sorting by latest post will give you a list of recent posts referring to back button. You can use this same approach to see if other features you want or bugs you might want to report have already been posted in the forum. :slight_smile:

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the last build for macOS (11093) has the history navigation UI.

In the … inside the note you toggle the controls which appear at the left of the BIU button.
If this works we plan to ship similar controls for iOS.


That is amazingly awesome!

Thank you!! I see the changes. :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait for the prod release… :eyes:

Curious why this option doesn’t also appear in the menu bar settings under View?


This is awesome! Hope it will happen on ios!

Oh, We forgot about the view menu. Yes, should be added there.


It looks like tooltips have been overlooked for the icons in the top right of notes on macOS (navigation buttons if shown, style bar toggle, and info button). I was expecting a long hover over these buttons to reveal tooltips that would explain their function and teach me the assigned shortcut key for each.

(v2 build 11093)

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I notice it includes notes that have been trashed, doesn’t seem right to me? These should be excluded.

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