Feature Request: Optional Float-on-top button and hotkey

The ability to set a note to float-on-top with the click of a button was one of the main reasons I switched to Bear, but to simplify the interface, this feature was removed from appearing in the lower right when you hover.

Could you bring it back by putting it in the top right of each note, between the Bold/Italic/Underline button and the Info button, like this?

You could make it optional, by adding a tick box under Settings, General, like this:

Of course, my preference would be to make the button appear by default and have an option to hide it, but I’d be thrilled for any way you could bring back the Float on Top button.

Additionally, it would great to be able to toggle Float on Top for a note with a hotkey.

Either way or both, it would make a huge difference to not have to always click the 3 dot menu and hunt for the Float on Top menu item every time we want to turn it on or off.


Hello, regarding the shortcut I can suggest creating a custom one within macOS preferences. Regarding the button, we’ll see if receive more feedback in this sense.

Just bumping this one as there used to be a float on top button in Bear 1, but it’s now gone in Bear 2. Aside from making it harder if you don’t know (have set) a shortcut you can’t tell if a window is set to float on top. That was possible before in Bear 1 because of the icon. Hoping this feature/functionality will return.

Please bring the option to have this button appear on the note back. It was super useful and a big part of my workflow.

I think this feature could do with some better discoverability. it’s useful for me but until now I didn’t even know there was such a thing.