Remember cursor position and quick open

Hi there! :wave:

Firstly, I’d like to wish the entire Bear team a bear-niversary! I also wanted to mention how impressive the quick open feature you’re developing looks.

I’m creating this topic to request a feature for macOS: the ability to remember the cursor position when switching notes in Bear. I believe this would be the final addition needed to make Bear fully navigable using the keyboard. While this request has been mentioned before, I’m unsure how to best show my support for its implementation.


This would make the quick switcher feature complete. I think already the scroll position is saved when navigating between notes. But yes, this needs to be there otherwise navigating between notes, especially larger notes would be annoying.

The cursor position is not saved, only the scroll position is. This means that when you switch to another note to look something up and then go back, the cursor will be in the same place as before, allowing you to continue writing. This feature would be even more necessary when the quick switcher drops.

That being said, since Bear doesn’t have the concept of “tabs,” implementing this may feel confusing to some users. For example, when you open an old note, instead of seeing the title, you would see the bottom of the file where the cursor was left. So, maybe the last cursor position should consider factors like last updated time and whether you are opening the note through a shortcut (such as ⌘+[ or the new quick switcher).

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